OneClickOrgs has shut down,

But the code is still on GitHub. :smiley:

Back in 2011, through conversations about running organisations online at the London Hackspace, a couple of members decided to work on an automation system for setting up organisations.

They came up with this,

The initial iteration was focused around Limited Companies, as that was the business structures that they knew the best.

I spoke with them, and asked them to consider applying the same approach towards co-operatives.

After explaining to them how co-op’s worked, they decided to add in an extra module, so that they could slot in different legal structures.

AIUI, they managed to pitch this to Coops UK, and they produced the back-end for this page,

After a conversation last weekend, about the practical details relating to the bureaucracy required to set up a co-op, when i went to look at the OneClickOrgs website, and i found that it had been shut down, but the code that they had used was still available on GitHub.

is the main account, and the main repository can be found here,

The implementation that they created for Coops UK can be found here,

I’m still digging through websites to find the latest iteration of this, but i’m not sure where i should be looking.

Any suggestions? :smiley:

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:man_facepalming: I just found this,

Which includes a flow-through to the online registration system for new co-op’s here,

Start a new co-op | Co-operatives UK

Has anyone tested the flow-through for this?

It looks to be a multi-page Drupal webform.

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thanks for the awesome information.