OggCamp 2024

In 2018 OggCamp was in Sheffield, it was good, I’m going to try to get to this one in Manchester:

OggCamp is an unconference about free and open source topics; software, hardware, culture … we love it all! Except that this unconference also has a scheduled track, to get the ball rolling. We have a fairly geeky slant, but that’s more about the people than the topics: if it’s free like freedom then we’re very probably interested. OggCamp is the ideal home for both talks and attendees that are “too quirky” for another conference - we’re unashamedly inclusive!

Perhaps we could put on a CoTech session at it as we did in 2018? :person_shrugging:


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I plan to be there.

Btw, is it October 12th and 13th 2024, rather than the 11th.

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