Obsolete Calendar link in the navbar

hi team :wave: just want to mention there’s two Calendar links right now in the navbar:

I believe that’s because one is added manually, probably using the “Custom Nav Links” component. We don’t need that any longer, as the Events plugin itself adds an option to add navigation links now.

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Thanks @manuel unticking this:

events calendar enabled: ☐ Show a calendar topic list in all categories.

Appears to have done the job?

Yes, that removes the duplicate link :+1:

Though I believe the cleaner approach would be to remove the Calendar and Agenda links you likely have on the top menu:

And then use the plugin’s settings to either add those links globally or just per category. But I might be nerding out here :innocent:

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Thnaks @manuel I agree your suggestion is better so I have done that, cheers! :+1:

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