Nominet coup attempt? have called an Extraordinary General Meeting to kick the directors out of Nominet. I guess there are other co-techers who are also Nominet members?

It looks like there are already enough members’ votes to make this happen, but it seems like a very positive move to challenge Nominet’s slide away from Not for Profit, so now’s the time to pledge support!

Some context Nominet vows to freeze wages and prices, boost donations, and be more open. For many members, it’s too little, too late • The Register
Nominet claims effort to replace its board with 'safe hands' is invalid, refuses to put it to member vote • The Register


Really pleased to see this campaign. Nominet has for some considerable time now needed better clarity and focus.


I’ve just registered Webarchitects support with 212 domains / 1,543 votes in favour of the resolution, I see you just beat us @edmaw with your 264 domains / 1,595 votes! :slight_smile: