New Workers Co-operative Autonomic looking for mentors?

Hi folks :grinning:

We’ve just launched the website for our new worker’s co-operative Autonomic that is provides custom infrastructure, development and training based around awesome free software projects.

:alien: :heart_eyes:

You can find our more about our goals and philosophy here:

We’re definitely looking to make connections with other co-ops and generally experienced people as none of us have set a worker’s co-op up before and were mostly self employed and/or in precarious labour. We have members based in the so called UK, Netherlands and United States.

Hoping to come to Wortley Hall 2017 if possible and some of us will also be at Chaos Communications Congress this year.

Good to see you’ve got things going.

Welcome! :smiley:

We have a Loomio thread for agreeing new members, would you like your co-op to be proposed there?

I think we will need a couple of months to get our registration fully sorted but that’s a preliminary yes. :smile:

Ah, fair enough, I think we will need a proposal in the invites for non-CoTech members thread, would you like me to post one for you?

Yes that would be great. Thanks Chris.


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Amazing, nice to meet you over this @kawaiipunk and great to see that @chris has made the proposal on Loomio (although I can’t actually see it, I think Loomio’s site is down today).

Hopefully see you in November :relaxed:

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