Networking tools for community groups

Hi All,

At The Open Co-op, we’re running a project to determine which digital tools would best support local community groups to operate effectively in their local context and to cooperate with other groups, as part of a larger global network for collaborative action.

If you run, or are part of an existing, or aspiring community or online group, please spare 60 seconds to help us identify which tools your group uses and needs and how best we can support inter-group networking and collaboration.

Here’s the link - thanks in advance :slight_smile:

In cooperation!


Cooperating with other groups is the primary purpose of spacetube, can we considered in this test? Very new, still in early testing but my coop and another have it installed on our respective chat groups


Hi John,
I love what you’ve built - and share your hope that we can “enable coordination and collaboration of groups on a grand scale allowing us to flourish in a new earthly paradise or failing that, increase the numbers that survive the coming cataclysm.” Well said!

So, when using Spacetube, can any user in any connected group select which messages they want to share with which other groups? And then, can the ‘other’ group members see who posted what from where, so they know how / where to reply? I can imagine it getting quite complex to follow threads… but maybe you’ve thought about that…? (excuse me if I’m being slow - I have Covid which is giving me brain fog)


Just checking that you are aware of This second link more useful:


yup - but gutted their spending all the NSF funds making yet another centralized thing tho… :frowning: not sure that will work out well for them in the long run

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Yes they can see this, the current recommended way is to make a new channel on your discord/slack/element that you use to talk to the other group, and name it after that group. Then you can see which messages are getting sent through the interactions with the bot.

I’ve also just finished building a web view (which I can show you if you’d like), so from the channel on your group you can send a command to get a link, and then following the link shows you a screen with two chats on. The first chat is attached to your original group, and this is one you can actually send messages to and interact with. The second chat is the shared room that your group and the other group are using to interact.

So on the left you have your own group, and the timeline of messages and events there, and on the right you have the other group + your group to show the relationship as it’s developing.

All very much still in development and visually it’s “dev design” too. I’m currently looking for someone to assist with UX and research so if anyone knows anyone like that who’s into collective communication, please send them my way!