Network Convergence event

Building the future of networks and business in community.
5 days in a rural farmhouse in Catalunya - June 24-28: €400 a pop: more info:

CoTech gets a namecheck

“What if there were 200 networks like Enspiral, OuiShare, Percolab, CoTech, SMart, Amanitas, Village 3.0, Pandorahub, Impact Hub and the many others who create opportunities for people to earn livelihood and contribute to a better world?”


Harry and I are going to this (mentioned it to a few people this weekend). Kate is a good friend and she invited us - I’ll be happy to report back when the week is up.


Look forward to reading that! :slight_smile:

The link above is no longer working and I can’t find anything about it online, but I’m guessing that this new practical resource about unlocking the power of networks is relevant (you’ve probably seen this, but for anyone who hasn’t, check it out):

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So I clicked the link and the first thing I see is your cherubic face @jdaviescoates ! So I immediately joined their slack. Is this stuff good? I’m about to wade into their handbooks and toolkit…

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Haven’t properly dug in but what I’ve seen seems good and useful :grinning:

Some write ups of the network convergence last week:

It was very different to the CoTech annual meet up because there was a huge range of projects/ideas/companies that people are involved with, and some were a lot more meta than others. I gathered that in the past, individuals have taken it upon themselves to collaborate and self organise this, usually after the retreat.

One of the reasons that I went was to see how other networks/people organise multiple day events because I had only ever been to the CoTech meet. I would like to see more a shift to doing stuff to make the most out of our time together. We also spoke about challenges that people have experienced within networks. Common ones were:

  • fluctuating participation
  • lack of transparency about who does what, and how long he/she spends on network work
  • risk around becoming the network owner, and why that’s problematic
  • onboarding
  • overheads
  • lack of feedback when people leave

There is no established network to join off the back of this event because (as mentioned above) it’s about maintaining relationships after the event. There were lots of nice people there, and we’re all working in different ways but trying achieve the same objective: make the world a better place.