Native developer wanted

Hey all, not really a job at this point, more of an intro - have a charity that needs a developer to fix some problems with their app. It’s an iPad app built 4 years ago. They had a bad experience with the previous developer so probably need some handholding and support. Atm they just want to change some bits but I imagine it could turn into a longer relationship if you get on. Let me know and I can put you in touch.

Am I the only one here who doesn’t know what native is in this context, is it SAAS, a PAAS, a CMS or a programming language or something else? :roll_eyes:

Haha I think you’re right Chris it’s a bit wooly. Updated the description now :slight_smile:

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Hi Lucy,

Do you know more about which Native language the App is built in? If it’s React we have the relevant skills here, although with current lead times we’re probably looking at a late November/early December start. If that could be of any help happy to talk, but understand if it’s too long a wait