Name the new working/events space (prizes to be won)

As most of you know by now, Outlandish took over another floor of our offices and we’re making it into a space for co-working and small events. We see this very much as a resource for everyone from the Co-Tech movement and beyond to take advantage of, and ownership of.

Lo and behold, we’re not too keen on calling it the Outlandish Space, as then it seems like our private endeavour. We’re therefore playing around with some ideas for names.

Just wondering if there’s an appetite here for it to be named the Co-Tech Space? Or does anyone have other ideas for names, which would be inclusive to people beyond Co-Tech, including digital activists and the like.

Person coming up with the winning name / most amusing contender gets a jar of sweets, and maybe some free desk space if it’s really really good.


Not a bad idea to create some distance between the space and Outlandish.
But I think it reasonable that there should be some resonance in deference
to the fact that Outlandish had the initiative.

How about



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Co-op Space
Lucy Parsons Centre
Liberation Workshop

Two ideas:


The Common

Space Pioneers (space as in the space and pioneers as in the Rochdale
Pioneer’s) hehe plus it could be space themed :slight_smile:

or indeed, The Commons Room.

I like ‘The Common’.

Co-op space:

It’s clear and simple and does what it says.
The Common is nice perhaps too similar to ‘The common house’ in Bethnal Green

Full on cheese and pretty predictable but the following might allow us not to fall into a niche market, as we need bums on seats so that it pays for itself.

The address is Unit 4 so how about … Unit 4 and on the back of that we can use

Unit [4 insert what you like]

Unit 4 CoTech
Unit 4 Co-ops
Unit 4 Events
Unit 4 workers rights
Unit 4 tech for good
Unit 4 you get the idea

Alternatively, we could use “four” rather than the numeral which contains “ours”.