MS Dynamics developer for CDS

Hey everyone,

I’ve been contacted by CDS, who are an umbrella body for a lot of housing coops. They’re looking for an MS Dynamics expert. They say:

“We have been wondering how we can make better use of our MS Dynamics housing system which we put in a couple of years ago. We feel like we have potentially powerful system that we can’t get to do the things that we would really like and we cant really afford to make mistakes in paying expensive developers for ‘hope value’. We wondered whether you might have anyone in house or in your extended network who is a dynamics expert who might be interested in doing some ad hoc work for us - or indeed if you have any thoughts or advice about how we might seek out the right kind of person.”

…anyone know anyone in the network?




Hey Polly,

My brother has that skillset.

Will message you to link you up and then you can take it from there.