Moderation policy


Just wanted to share a kind reminder about this forum’s discussion policy, which aims to support us in having constructive conversations across a spectrum of topics. We might have different takes on various matters, which is great, we just need to make sure everyone’s post receives a thoughtful and respectful response it deserves, even if we disagree.

Users can flag content they find problematic and admins (currently @aaron @calummackervoy @chris @chrislowis @decentral1se @jdaviescoates @Kayleigh @liam @mrshll @nick and myself) can intervene at their discretion. We issue warnings for posts that we deem incompatible with this forum before seeking further measures.

The Terms of Service, in particular point 13. Termination, enable stringent responses to breaching the code of conduct. However, we refrain from exercising this unless absolutely necessary. We always aim to foster an open dialogue so happy to keep each case transparent as well as discuss the process here.

I also recommend this topic for the next CoTech governance circle call.

Let’s take care of the civilized public discourse space together!


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