Moderating the Jobs category

We don’t (by design, I think) have restrictions on who can create an account on this forum. But perhaps you’re both suggesting we should have some moderation criteria on who can reply publicly to posts in the jobs category? Any idea what they should be and how to enforce them?

As this forum is mainly for worker cooperatives, I would like to question how appropriate it is to discuss and encourage outsourcing work to Eastern Europe / Asian regions (I assume what is implied that these are “poorer” / “cheaper” regions)?

I personally think it is not appropriate. Our community is built around worker ownership and/or control, and general empowerment of workers, so I do not think exploiting power relations is something we condone.


I absolutely agree @Maciek - and I wonder if there’s a way in which new users can’t immediately post? Or have to introduce themselves first?


I think that’s a good idea @dajbelshaw - perhaps we can have a place where people can say hello and then we approve them? Just hoping this won’t be too much additional work for Chris and/or others.


I am aware of the issue we have with non-coop spammy posts in the Jobs category and I think it is often more of an issue in the comments rather than in the top posts, the two options I can think of to to do this follow, what do people think to these suggestions?

1. Restrict posting by group

This wouldn’t add any additional moderation — restrict posting and replying based on groups and the automatic trust levels, for example the category currently has these settings:

Screenshot 2023-03-21 at 19-06-38 Jobs

We could change it to something like this (you can’t restrict replies and allow posts):

Screenshot 2023-03-21 at 19-11-49 Jobs

But it would prevent new users posting in the topic, the list of trust level 1 users is here.

2. Moderate all posts and replies

We could create a lot more moderators to help with this but it would slow down the category as people are not always around to moderate.


This jobs comment is another from a dubious looking organisation,

And this also from the same organisation but using a different account:

Are people happy with them being suspended or banned, or should we simply warn them?

I have added the following to the jobs category topic:

This category is for tech co-operatives and individuals to post vacancies, availability and opportunities.

Posts by non-cooperative organisations might be removed and repeat offenders banned.

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Hi Chris, I do think we should not be encouraging / allowing overseas outsourcing companies to reply here. I also got direct messages and an email from them.

Maybe if the rules weren’t sufficiently clear before, we could just warn, but suspend / ban going forwards?

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I’ve blocked email addresses using the and domains from being used to create accounts and deactivated and suspended 7 accounts that were using this domains (these profiles pages only now work for admins):

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They can use two more domains:,


Thanks @Yuliy I have added those domains to the list of domains that can’t be used to create accounts, there were no existing accounts with email addresses on these domains.

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