Drupal developer needed short / medium term

Hi everyone,

any Drupal developers out there, freelance or interested in short term work?

I’m the only Drupal developer in Creative Coop, and we’ve managed to over-stack our schedule this summer. I’m currently involved in one large project that will run until September, another that will start in mid-May, and one that starts around now-ish that will go until end of September. Ideally we need help with 2 of these. The sooner the better.

  1. The big project. I would like to stay full time on this but it’s possible that you could help on features.
  2. The mid-May start: a Drupal 7 to 9 upgrade job. Complications are that the site has translation into Welsh and has a “diagnostic tool” consisting of a large amount of custom module code and a custom content type with lots of fields.
  3. The last one: we got funding to build something so it’s an internal project. I can explain privately.

Anyone interested? I would need to know experience, day rate, availability, etc - or we could just arrange a call to talk.


Hi @alanpeart !

Agaric Tech Collective would be able to take on whatever you need. Rather too much Drupal experience, including lots of migration experience and multilingual experience. Our retainer rate is $150/hr but we could probably get into affordable territory for you as another cooperative that’s already landed the project (and would be managing the client etc?)

Anyhow yeah, let’s talk more.




@alanpeart following up to say something i was not clear on: With the number of fields you have, even if you are planning on skipping the need to migrate content, you absolutely want to run the ‘automatic upgrade’ which will migrate the configuration; that will save a ton of time compared to starting fresh. Agaric could do that and some setup and instructions for future success (being able to repeat migrations while targets are tweaked) in five hours. But mostly just know that migrating the config through Drupal’s upgrade process, even if you only commit it and then start modifying it and never use migration for anything else, will save a lot of time when dealing with dozens of fields.