Mirlo: Digital Music Store Kickstarter

Hi all!

We’re really excited about the launch of the Mirlo kickstarter.

Mirlo is an online platform designed for musicians to upload, share, and sell digital music directly to their listeners. Mirlo also makes it easy for listeners to support artists with ongoing monthly financial payments, creating a flow of money for musicians to support creation of new work.

Mirlo is currently live at mirlo.space and over 160 artists have uploaded over 400 albums. Musicians can easily upload their own albums, manage multiple artist accounts, manage metadata about their music, credit multiple musicians, upload mailing lists, send out emails to specific supporting tiers, and sell their music directly to supporters. Listeners can buy music and subscribe to musicians at any supporting tier set by the musician. Music they buy is downloadable and can be listened to on the platform. To sustain itself Mirlo takes a cut of purchases made on the platform—currently 7%—while doing patronage fundraising for the platform as well.

We’re happy to answer any questions about it here or wherever. Our main goal is to do bare minimum operating costs funding for the next 8 months (through 2024) which includes legal funds for incorporating, outreach, pr, community building, and marketing costs, infrastructure costs, and a couple things more. If we meet that goal the rest of the money we make will be used as outlined in the kickstarter!

Mirlo is rooted in concepts of mutual aid, a grounded anti-capitalist analysis of the tech and music industry, our experiences in various tech platforms, as well as the co-operative movement generally.


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I think @chrislowis was involved in launching something similar in the past, maybe there’s a way to collaborate?

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We’ve talked a bunch! Chris is in the same discord as us and we’ve spoken about standardization and interoperability a bunch :slight_smile:

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