Might CoTech ever offer subdomains for other regions?

Hi there!

I’m starting a tech worker co-operative with some friends in Toronto Canada. We’re spinning out of our local community organizing work, aspiring to create economic solidarity where we’ve been more loosely organized before. I’m personally very inspired by your group and Cooperation Jackson

I’m a big fan of the CoTech brand and the domain, and wondering whether there might be any interest in sharing the coops.tech domain with other aspiring networks of networks. For example, I’d love to pitch a local launch of an alternative front entry (listing services and technologies) for canada.coops.tech (or something similar). I could imagine a provisional agreement where we build/fork something, and pitch an action plan, and your community makes a call on whether to “loan” it for some amount of time (to be revisited or renewed into perpetuity).

Is this worth discussing? I am also inspired by the way that g0v.tw manages its domains and subdomains via a public GitHub repository with clear accountabilities and automation around creating/updating new DNS records :slight_smile:


I can’t answer on behalf of CoTech, but I wouldn’t have any problems with your suggestions around the domain name, I’ll leave the branding and logo question for others to think about.

The coops.tech domain name was brought during a session at our first gathering in order to host the wiki, I picked it because it was cheap, short and descriptive.

I’ve always assumed that, if and when we have a legal entity, we would probably buy cotech.coop. As we don’t yet have a legal entity the legal owner of coops.tech is Webarchitects, the intention being to transfer the ownership when there is a organisation to transfer it to.

Making the Bind 9 zone file public is a good idea, at the moment it is in a private repo on git.coop but when I have some spare time I’ll look at moving it to a public one, as far as I recall there are no private sub-domains or text records.