Mexican tech coop looking to connect and learn

Hi all!

We are a small startup tech coop in Mexico. Web: (It is all in Spanish for now).

Cooperatives are still seen with suspicious eyes in Mexico, so the idea of a tech coop will take some time to catch on, let alone something bigger like CoTech.

At this point, we’d just love to get to know other tech coops, share experiences and ideas, and from there, hopefully, cooperate.

If anything, you can contact me at

All the best!


Argentinian here, best of luck. Maybe you can tell a bit more on what is the coop about, how you can help other coops and how you could be helped. I think we need to grow as a mutual aid network and united economic block :wink: .


Hi Jacobo!

Welcome to CoTech! I’m Mel, from a small tech co-operative called Code-Operative in Newcastle, England. We are still classed as a startup, although have been trading for almost 2 years now.

If you wanna connect further or have any questions, my email is:

Wishing you the best!

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Hi Jacobo, I’m José, I’m part of a Geneos, a Technology Cooperative from Argentina, associated with Facttic. It would be very interesting to contact us, since we work with several common technologies such as Odoo. I send you an email


Hi all,

Thanks for your responses.

Patricio y José, I’ve followed the tech coop scene in Argentina; you guys are lightyears ahead of others in Latin America. I’ve had the chance to meet a couple of peers from Cambá and Gcoop. José: Thanks for the email. I’ll write back through there.

As far as I know, we would be the first official tech coop in Mexico. There is at least one more tech coop, but I am not sure if they are legally constituted as such. At this point, I think we could guide other startup cooperatives through their legal process.

Other than that, I think that just getting to know each other and being under the radar is a great starting point :slight_smile:

Mel: nice to e-meet you :slight_smile: I’ll definitely write to you. We’d love to know about your experience.


Good luck with being the first official tech coop in Mexico!

I’ve met some people from Argentina, it’s good to hear, they are very far ahead.

Just to add a Latin America comment, I don’t think there are tech coops in Brazil, sadly. I visited last year and searched a lot, there is a small coop movement but in certain areas and markets, like agriculture. My wife is from Sao Paulo, I would be very interested to hear any news of Brazil tech coops :slight_smile:

One of the issues with Brazil is that sometime ago (not sure when) there was a big push for coops with some tax incentives. This resulted in loads of bogus coops being set up for the tax incentives, so they fell out of favour. I’m not sure if regulation increased, but numbers definitely went down.

Buena buena @Jacobo, so good to hear from you, how did you find out about this forum?

My name is Kayleigh and I work at Outlandish, I went to visit some of the FACCTIC team last year (pero parece más, cierto @nicolasdimarco?!) When they came to visit, I sat down to explain a few things about how Outlandish operates from a client-perspective, and some of the internal things too.

I would love to have a chat with you, first to say hi and also because I went to Mexico two years ago and thought there was more than one tech worker co-op…not sure why. I have invested interests in Latin American co-ops because: I am half Chilean, I plan to head back to the southern hemisphere one day and I am always enthusiastic to know what our amigxs can teach us and what we can share.

Saludos y vibras

I had a chat with @Jacobo the other day and he was saying something similar about co-ops in Mexico. Qué pena!

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Hey, yeah! Let’s talk! I just had a chat with some people from another tech coop in Mexico. So yes, you are right! We are not a unified movement, so that is why I hadn’t heard of them. But I did some more digging and found them :slight_smile: Would you send me an email at so that we could coordinate a chat?