Mesopotamian Co-Ops & Rojava

Hi, I was in Edinburgh over the weekend for a book fair and someone handed me a flyer for “Co-Operation in Mesopotamia”, a project by Solidarity Economy Association with an aim to build solidarity between co-ops in the UK and northern Syria (

Their site mentions UK co-ops signing up for a Mesopotamian sister co-op which sounds fun. Is anyone involved in this already or have any thoughts?


Hi Calum, I’m not sure if anyone from the Solidarity Economy Association has accounts on this site (but we do host their website), however @leedscath might know the answer to your question.


hi there @calummackervoy
I know that Leeds Bread Co-op got a little way along in the process to twin with a bakery over there, but life got in the way and it’s on a back burner now. Possibly Valley Organics in Hebden might have decided to get involved too, they’re very supportive of that stuff. The person to talk to is Jo Taylor at the SEA,


Thanks @leedscath! I’ll drop them an email :slight_smile:

I went to a tour they did:

I wish this idea went further! Our co-op would love to sign up for this. We even have friends who can translate into Kurdish or Arabic in our vicinity.

@calummackervoy let me know how your enquiries go!

@leedscath and @chris thanks as always!


Hi @kawaiipunk! Jo got back to me and said they’re starting off by twinning food co-ops and bakeries, but that they’re keen to expand this later. There aren’t very many tech co-ops in Rojava (yet) so we might have to fight for placements :wink:

They asked if we could sign the solidarity statement, but we haven’t got round to voting on this at Code-Operative yet :slight_smile: