Membership management software - useful?

Startin’Blox wrote some software for managing memberships in a co-op in France which supports/mutualises local renewable energy infrastructure. The membership structure and the way contributions are levied (I believe) works in a similar way to CoTech

They had written the app to be reusable. Louis had asked me about whether I thought it would be useful in CoTech and I’d said that I didn’t think it would be, but I realised that I’m not that much involved in the management of fund contributions and I might have been wrong about this? Ping @SzczepanOfAnimorph who wrote the pilot year report

The code is open-source and the DjangoLDP package can be found here, the front-end can be found here. Startin’Blox sells support on this software and I could enquire about costs and our software needs. I provided some support to the main developer and know about the back-end code and technologies used

If anyone has another use for the software then feel free to ping me a message


Hey @calummackervoy thanks for the heads-up on this. So it’s kind of Open Collective meets Loomio? :thinking:

Hey @dajbelshaw ! To describe it quickly it’s mostly a kind of CRM with tracking of dues/payments via email reminders etc…

Basically the use case is to make sure that the members’ information is up to date, that the dues are automatically generated and sent and that the contribution status is up to date

I had this in mind for managing CoTech members and fund contributions (our contributions are optional, but standardised at a fixed-rate per member I think?), and I wondered if it would spark interest from another co-op or one of their clients

Interesting, thanks Calum :slight_smile: