Maplesyn - Cyber-socialism in Canada

Hi guys, I just came up to know about Maplesyn. “Maplesync is a proposal for open-source national level accounting and strategic indicative planning systems that anyone can contribute to. The idea is that by providing better baseline information to entrepreneurs (and more) we can build capacity for greater prosperity in terms of economic, social and environmental wealth.” Sounds quite similar to the Chilean cyber-socialist project of Cybersyn.

Do you guys know anyone involved in this?


Thanks for the reply. Yes, indeed. I asked because I wanted to double check whether someone from here was involved. I didn’t find anyone so I ended up interviewing the founder and I could confirm such differences and ideological leaning you mention, plus the project seems to be something quite conceptual for an academic degree rather than being a practical prototype based on a principled and defined theory. Still, from a technical point of view, I was and am interested in further studying different approaches of developing such planning and governance methods to review the state-of-the-art in the field.

This is because I’ve been working on something similar, yet explicitly cyber-socialist. Concretely a prototypical tool for participatory production planning, accounting and coordination at worker cooperatives and worker unions which I could convince former director of Cybersyn Raul Espejo to advice me on. So, I wanted to be sure I was building on the work that was already made rather than reinventing the wheel from scratch.