Looking FOSS alternatives to Microsoft Sustainability Calculator

Hi peers,

I’m currently looking for a FOSS substitute for Microsoft Sustainability Calculator (https://appsource.microsoft.com/en-US/product/power-bi/coi-sustainability.sustainability_calculator_public_preview), to be used as an ecological accounting tool in tech coops (basically it calculates carbon emissions of IT infrastructure).

I’m looking specifically for tools that estimate carbon emissions and ideally also energy usage of a given IT infrastructure.

Does anyone know such a tool (open-source)?


Ps.: So far this is what I could find by myself: https://mlco2.github.io/ mlco2 · GitHub GitHub - mlco2/codecarbon: Track emissions from Compute and recommend ways to reduce their impact on the environment. GitHub - mlco2/impact: ML has an impact on the climate. But not all models are born equal. Compute your model's emissions with our calculator and add the results to your paper with our generated latex template https://arxiv.org/pdf/1910.09700.pdf (Specifically for ML computation but I find it useful)