Looking for remote job

I’m a game and systems developer capable of coding in C, C++, D, C#, and Java.
I’m capable of writing support libraries, game engines, and I my skillset also include software optimization, stream processing/SIMD, and digital signal processing (mainly audio).
Currently I live in Hungary, this means I can relocate within EU borders, but only after I achieve at least some financial security. Might be one of my longer-term goals.
I won’t do any web development, especially not front-end!
Note that due to my autism, I struggle with the regular job interview process, and as such I don’t have a long list of past employment places, nor a long portfolio.
You can find my github page here.
shapeshiftinglizard at outlook dot com


The only game focused tech co-op I’m aware of is this one in the Netherlands:

Perhaps give them a try? Good luck!

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Hey everyone! Here at GitHub - hng/tech-coops: A list of tech coops and resources concerning tech coops and worker owned cooperatives in general. I can see at least 7 tech-coops that work in games industry. Take a look there :wink: