Looking for gamedev co-op members, or an existing one to join

I’m a game developer from Hungary, looking for a co-op to develop games.

Currently I’m developing a 2D game engine in D, and a game for it, but it doesn’t go as fast as I would like due to a full-time and underpaid job I’m also doing, also I’m doing double duty for making graphics assets. I also have experience with working in other languages if we don’t want to use my own engine with its own tools (it even has a synth, because I thought it would be fun to develop one). I can code in a lot of curly bracket languages, like C, C++, C#, and Java. D is pretty easy to learn, and many things are way easier to be done in this language than in others (metaprogramming, etc), so you can give it a try.

While I’m in Hungary, I might leave this country, most likely for another also in the EU, for obvious reasons. I speak English pretty well, and also learning Japanese. As long as I find a good company of people, I’m willing to join existing coops besides of forming my own. I have some experience with co-ops, and if there are interpersonal issues and/or I can’t find myself interested in the projects, then that’s not a good thing (couldn’t get myself interested short-term in web development). For a new team, I’d need artists, designers, and a few composers besides of programmers, so there’s also some advantage of joining an already existing team.

If you’re either interested in joining me, or can offer me a good position, then please contact me at shapeshiftinglizard@outlook.com


Hi, I’m also currently working on forming a creative game dev team/collective.

We currently have 2 graphics artists (1 with extensive professional experience), 1 digital music & audio producer with his own professional studio & myself with a fair few years of commercial coding experience in C#/C++ & some experience on amateur game drv in Unity.

Currently we’re discussing design ideas & candidate game engines (Godot, Unity, Unreal) for a couple of project ideas, by way of regular meetings online.

While we’re all based in various parts of the UK (Newcastle, Manchester, Derry), location is not important since we have ample options for tooling & project management to coordinate team members anywhere they have access to the Internet & voice comms (PSN, Zoom, Skype etc).

Ideally we’re looking for people with coding experience to bolster that side of our skill set but there are no specific roles in the group & as avid gsmers everyone’s opinion & contributions are equally important to the team effort.

Please reply if you are interested in talking to us & I’ll provide details of how to communicate with the current team.

Regards, Nick W.



Send me an e-mail to the contact I’ve provided, then we can talk about the details. I have some experience on the system-side of things, as well as with vectors (very important for a well-optimized code).

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Thanks, I’ll send my details this coming week. Perhaps we can sort out a chat over Zoom/Whatsapp or similar :+1: