Looking for gamedev co-op members, or an existing one to join

I’m a game developer from Hungary, looking for a co-op to develop games.

Currently I’m developing a 2D game engine in D, and a game for it, but it doesn’t go as fast as I would like due to a full-time and underpaid job I’m also doing, also I’m doing double duty for making graphics assets. I also have experience with working in other languages if we don’t want to use my own engine with its own tools (it even has a synth, because I thought it would be fun to develop one). I can code in a lot of curly bracket languages, like C, C++, C#, and Java. D is pretty easy to learn, and many things are way easier to be done in this language than in others (metaprogramming, etc), so you can give it a try.

While I’m in Hungary, I might leave this country, most likely for another also in the EU, for obvious reasons. I speak English pretty well, and also learning Japanese. As long as I find a good company of people, I’m willing to join existing coops besides of forming my own. I have some experience with co-ops, and if there are interpersonal issues and/or I can’t find myself interested in the projects, then that’s not a good thing (couldn’t get myself interested short-term in web development). For a new team, I’d need artists, designers, and a few composers besides of programmers, so there’s also some advantage of joining an already existing team.

If you’re either interested in joining me, or can offer me a good position, then please contact me at shapeshiftinglizard@outlook.com