Looking for a bookkeeper

Hey everyone,

We’re looking for a bookkeeper to help us out a couple of days a month. Ideally it would be someone who likes coops, and understands that they aren’t always 100% ‘normal’. We’d like someone who is experienced enough so that they can be fairly self supporting, and point out ways that we can improve our processes. I’ve attached a JD here. Please forward if you know anyone or put me in touch via email if possible. Thanks! Job description - bookkeeper 2020.pdf (101.6 KB)

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Great idea, Polly! We have had a dedicated bookkeeper for years and it has definitely helped us, she is now a member and part of our People Circle as she has steadily taken on more responsibility.
One clarifying question: Is the position remote or London-based?

I can’t remember the name of the co-operative, but there’s an accountancy practice that is run as a co-operative, who specialise in doing the books for co-operatives.

Found them, http://www.accountancy.coop/

They’re based in Dorset. :slight_smile: