London Tech For Good Fest hosted by Outlandish + SPACE4

London Tech For Good Fest

Friday 16 June | Register on Eventbrite | £20 (includes Lunch and Drinks)

It’s London Tech Week 2023 in June. Outlandish fit perfectly into their themes of ‘Growing a Thriving & Resilient UK Tech Ecosystem’ and ‘Inspiring a Sustainable Future’ and we wanted to be a part of their programme but it cost thousands of pounds…

So instead we’re hosting our very own Tech For Good Fest at SPACE4. It’s open to anyone and everyone interested in socially impactful and responsible tech.

Join us for a day of talks, discussions, food and drinks. We’ll be exploring accessibility, trauma-informed co-design, platform socialism, and why democratic business models like cooperatives might be good for your organisation.

(Also if anyone would be up for speaking about Co-Tech or has any creative ideas for promoting Co-Tech, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with