London Hackspace Has A New Venue

After a lot of quiet negotiations, London Hackspace has opened a new venue in West London. :smiley:

It’s part of a warehouse unit that’s alongside a number of artists studio’s.

As London Craft Week is taking place, people from those those studios are putting on all kinds of events:

More details here: PRDD CRAFT FAIR - London Craft Week 2023 — Park Royal Design District

and the ticket booking for this location’s Craft Week events here:

And the map for the other locations here: London Craft Week Map 2023 - London Craft Week

While we’re in the middle of getting our tools & equipment set up, as this event is taking place anyway, we’ve decided to put on an open day for the new hackspace.

If anyone is interested, please drop by and say hello. :smiley:

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