Logos on www.coops.tech

Thanks Chris. herewith:


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I’ve uploaded the Cetis LLP SVG logo. Please someone add it to the repo!


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Cheers guys, I have added Gildedsplinters to the wiki and both files to the git repo, the results are here:

I have only tested this with Firefox so I haven’t made these changes live yet, since Microsoft have decided to ditch their own HTML rendering engine in favour of Google’s I guess we only need to test with Chrome and Firefox these days?

I have added SVG versions for most of the technology logos:

See this issue for more details.

I’ve enabled SVG images for clients and services and added a SVG for Greenpeace in light of this site which has been developed by Outlandish and for which we have provided hosting and DevOps work:



Just got an email from @SzczepanOfAnimorph instructing me to upload an SVG to the wiki and post the link here:


Blake House logo here File:BlakeHouseCooperative.svg - CoTech



MediaBlaze Hosts Logo has been uploaded to Wiki at: File:Mediablazehostslogo.svg - CoTech


Hello Chris
Thanks for doing all this.
Please see attached our svg file.

@Felix the logo you attached appears to be a blank image?

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Animorph logo SVG has been uploaded onto the Wiki, thank you Chris!

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I’d love to have uploaded this to the wiki as requested, but, uh, how to register on the wiki seems to be, uh, somewhere between undocumented and unachievable.

So – attached here is a drop-in replacement for the Open Data Services logo. Cheers!


Thanks @idlemoor.

The front page of the wiki links to the Infrastructure and Communication page which has:

To create an account on this wiki ask an existing admin to create an account for you by using the create account page (the account creation page only works for wiki admins).

There are a lot of people with administrator access who are able to create accounts for others, I’ll create one for you.

I consumed some time and have successfully crunched through every service currently in the repo. These svgs are (hopefully) syncing to the CoTech NextCloud folder as I type, but let me know if there’s a better place to put them.

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Cheers @Hannah that is fantastic, I’ll sort them all out from there tomorrow.


I’ve added the services SVGs but it is worth noting that most of them are actually larger, some a lot larger, than the PNG versions, this is because they have been converted from raster images, rather than drawn as SVG images, if they were drawn from scratch they would be a lot smaller — at some point in the future it would be great to have a set of original vector icons.

Done, updated here United Diversity « CoTech « Cooperative Technologists

Done, updated here: Blake House Filmmakers Coop « CoTech « Cooperative Technologists

Done, updated here MediaBlaze Hosts « CoTech « Cooperative Technologists

I’ll push all the update to the live site later.

Thanks Chris. They were mostly Font Awesome icons I believe so should be available as SVGs.

Could be a good task for someone who wants to learn how to update the website next hack day.

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Thanks, added and available here Animorph « CoTech « Cooperative Technologists

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Nice one, thank you Chris!

Just had a look at this as it didn’t match up to my quick assessment of the size difference yesterday.

  • Comparing png to svg the overall reduction for the set is 209kb.
  • Of the 53 service images, 25 are now smaller (with an average decrease of 10.16kb), 10 are the same, and 18 are bigger (with an average increase of 2.5kb).
  • Only 2 of the images that were image traced are among those that are now bigger (by 1kb each). The rest of the images that are now slightly larger are all open source original svgs, as the pngs were too low quality to get a good trace of.

Not sure that image trace is the culprit! Or if there is even a crime?