Logos on www.coops.tech


Sorry not to have spotted this sooner (it was added on 2017/12/05), but the new Project Management service logo:

Was red and also smaller than the others, so my non-expert Gimp editing to make it transparent and yellow has had limited success:

If someone has access to a vector original and can make a bigger one that is #FFCC531 that would be ideal :slight_smile:

Other issues (apart from all the clients and technologies without transparent backgrounds…) is that these new services don’t have logos:

  • Branding
  • Campaigns
  • Canvas
  • Community Organising
  • Fundraising
  • User Experience
  • User testing

I have added some services logo guidelines to the wiki and unless someone can add logos for these services I think we should probably un-publish them?

I heard today that Piwik has been renamed to Matomo so I have updated that on the site (name and logo).

I also wonder if we need Python as a technology twice?


I have unpublished all of the new Services that did not have logos or that did not fit with the existing templates.

The new ones that have been created also largely duplicate or overlap with other Services - e.g. Branding vs Branding and Identity.

If people are updating the site can they please respect the fact that some people have put quite a lot of time/effort/money into it and not break it.


Sorry to sound so grumpy!! Just re-read the post, and I meant to be nicer, but I’ve spent quite a long time photoshopping other people’s service logos, and don’t have time at the moment.


I can sympathise @harry, I also spent several very long evenings working on the logos when the site was first set up and I know how time consuming it is — if it didn’t take so much time sorting this out I’d have fixed all the logos with the missing transparancy already…


:slight_smile: if only there were some design co-ops in CoTech who could handle this stuff… :wink:

Duplicating the services is naughty though.


To qoute the pop sensation Shaggy “It wasn’t me”. I did see that people had done that stuff, winced and then moved on.


I’m pretty sure Shaggy didn’t say

I did see that people had done that stuff, winced and then moved on.

Unless it’s a reprise released in his old age.



I asked a colleague at lunchtime to look at this but we were hampered as we
had not the original files. I hoped the originator might step in.

We could supply a coherent set if we have authority to replace files.

Btw - these days should we be using .svg files? But that maybe another can
of worms.

Also, is this all academic now the categories have been removed?

Let us know if we can help.




We have an issue for that:

I have been adding SVGs to the wiki for future use:


But for now use PNGs.

They haven’t been deleted, there are still there but just not visable, once suitable images have been added then they can be made public again :slight_smile:


We have had an issue with the size of images on the www.coops.tech site for a while (“Currently there is about 20mb of images downloaded on the homepage”), but in the past we didn’t have a solution:

However now we do, the dev copy of the CoTech site is now setup to serve SVG versions of images if they are available and if the client will accept them. Currently only the Webarchitects logo is a SVG. This is a 14k file rather than a 22k file which drops to 4.6k when compressed on the server before being served.

This is being done by referencing the image without an extension:

And having a .htaccess file to say that the SVG is preferred over the PNG and to GZ when serving it:

Options +MultiViews
AddType image/svg+xml;qs=0.9 svg sgvz
AddType image/png;qs=0.8 png
AddOutputFilter DEFLATE svg

Clients that don’t support SVG images should get the PNG version:

And ones that support SVG images should get this version:

If people have SVG versions of their co-op logo please either post them to this thread or the wiki page above and then ask in this thread for someone to add them to the git repo (or add then directly to the repo).

The other job, which will be quite time consuming, is to produce SVG versions of all the services logos, perhaps this site, which has a lot of Creative Commons licensed images available as SVGs could be used as a source for this.

I’m not sure we need SVG logos for the client and technologies logos since there are issues to delete technologies and delete clients.


Thanks Chris. herewith:



I’ve uploaded the Cetis LLP SVG logo. Please someone add it to the repo!



Cheers guys, I have added Gildedsplinters to the wiki and both files to the git repo, the results are here:

I have only tested this with Firefox so I haven’t made these changes live yet, since Microsoft have decided to ditch their own HTML rendering engine in favour of Google’s I guess we only need to test with Chrome and Firefox these days?


I have added SVG versions for most of the technology logos:

See this issue for more details.