List of CoTech collaborations

It would be great to have an active list of CoTech collaborations here following the format of Coop 1 + Coop 2 (+ Coop 3) = name of the project, client, tech (if relevant). This will make it easier when we list it on the website.

Calverts + Gildedsplinters = .coop site re-build/launch & 2017 global marketing. WordPress, social media, email

Outlandish + Agile Collective = Drupal, bespoke web analytics (high chart)
Outlandish + The Small Axe = Facebook campaign video for (Over four million views within one month of release)
Outlandish + Glowbox Design = various
Outlandish + Webarchitects = OpenWRT Captive Portal WIFI Web Server + Ansible code for Camden New Journal
Outlandish + Tableflip + Co-op web = NOW:Pensions MEAN stack
Outlandish + Founders & Coders = Centrepoint yoti & Node
Go Free Range + Fairmondo UK = code review to help chose a platform

wave - Agile Collective = Drupal,
wave - Agile Collective = Drupal, Keeping Children Safe

We Are Open + Web Architects = Badge Wiki (still under development!)

Principle Six + Outlandish = supporting London Voluntary Services Council re ‘the Way Ahead’

TableFlip + Protozoa = MySurvey (Meteor, Node)

a little cheeky - Protozoa have only done one sprint on this so far

Can people enter their collaborations here:

It would be good to capture some structured data about them.

All the data entered will be available via the JSON API. It would be good to think about how we want to present them on the website - projects? case studies in CoTech advantage? graphs showing the growing value of collaboration? Leader-board of best co-operators?

We have completed an example of our collaboration within the wordpress site but they are not visible on the front end. I have another ready but a bit reluctant to upload more until it is activated. Who might I talk to about making that content visible on or understanding better any decisions around making collaborations public.

We bed some designs for what the collaboration pages would look like in the site.

Happy to do some coding, but my design should aren’t up to it.