Learning from Resonate Co-op

Similar vibe to Learning from Meet.coop, we’re not here to dump on the project.

What can we learn from Resonate Co-op? It’s winding down and apparently there are serious issues which stop the project from continuing right now.

I was not involved but am curious if anyone has thoughts.


I also thought it’s really interesting case study to learn from.

One snippet I pulled from the forum threads (and shared before over at 🍃 Nick 🍁: "I was loosely aware of https://resonate.coop as a…" - bath.social) is:

my conclusion is that mixing paid and voluntary work is a bad idea

I’m particularly interested in that aspect, as I do that a lot when working on Karrot … and to me the sweet middle ground is more like a basic income model…

So payment can go up and down depending on available funds and varying commitments, and shared more widely/flexibly… instead of suddenly jumping in and out of freelance/commercial payment models, and trying to glue that awkwardly together with voluntary labour.