Latest Mailshot from City Uni. start-ups dept

Around 10 years ago, I came across the CitySparks program run by CityVentures, who are an off-shoot of the business faculty at City University.

I still receive their regular mailshots to see what they are doing. :smiley:

Their latest mailshot can be found here:

One of their latest collaborations can be found here:

It’s open to any City Uni staff/students, as well as any residents of Islington. :smiley:

Idea’s that occur:

  • This would be an appropriate place to talk about the worker’s coop option to the students, as they don’t currently cover that.
  • The project that they are running would be a great fit for Space4, as it’s another community-funded project that would work well if you include Community-Ownership.
  • It would also be another place for CoTechUK to add to the MilkRound events.
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Sorry for the reply, but i just looked at the details of one of the events that City are offering, and it’s horrific… :smiley:

They are offering a £30K investment, but in order to access it, your company needs to become an Easy-sub-brand.

This means that you agree to the following:

  • Be willing and able to enter into a 10-year brand license agreement to exclusively trade under an easy sub brand to be agreed and remove all other prior branding.
  • Be willing to pay a minimum royalty of 250 euros per month or 1% of revenues, whichever is greater. The minimum will be adjusted for EU RPI each year.
  • From the 3rd anniversary of the brand license agreement contribute to the brand protection fund the sum of £5k pa adjusted for UK RPI matched by easyGroup or 0.1% of turnover, whichever is higher.


All of the money that is being offered in start-up funding will only cover the minimum costs of the licensing that they require, and from year 4 onwards, they want you to pay £5k per year for the privilege.

So in 10 years, you are paying them £35K for the privilege of bringing another company into the Easy-brand.

That’s horrific.

It’s a worse reaming than travelling by Easyjet. :person_facepalming:

Again, the only people who would take part in that are the naive, the stupid, the unemployed, or, the desperate.

No-one with any business sense would accept those T&C’s, and you can bet that the City Uni business faculty will NOT like people pointing that out…

Another example of predatory behaviour by business schools. :expressionless:

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