Laptops, computers etc

We’re currently looking into options for making sure all our team members have access to the tech they need to work: mainly laptop computers.

We started out with a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, but as we’ve grown, and the devices we brought along have been getting worn out - we’ve ended up with a mix of BYOD and laptops purchased by the co-op.

Everyone has different needs from their tech: Mac/PC - Linux/Windows etc. and preferences are specs and features (light for travellers; flicker free screen for others)

With some staff leaving, that’s left us with laptops that don’t quite fit anyone else’s needs, and questions about how to fairly handle buying new kit for people whilst also supporting a principle of BYOD (rooted in the idea of people having transferable tools, not overly tied to their specific employment).

So - I’m curious about how others manage this:

  • Does anyone lease their tech? How does that work for you? Any good companies with co-op values we could go to on this?
  • Do you have a BYOD approach? Any learning on making that work well?

We have written up what we do for ourselves on the following page, as a service offering to clients, and we recently setup a Debian laptop for a client and that worked well, they ordered a refurbished ThinkPad off Amazon and had it delivered to us and we configured it and shipped it to them.

We just let people buy whatever they want (in accordance with Joel’s law, or whatever it is).

Most people bring their own device, and the company replaces it if it wears out.

I’ve personally switched from laptops to workstations when in the office. A Z620 with 16 Xeon cores and 32Gb of RAM costs about £400 and supports all the tabs.