Junior web developer looking for experience (remote)

Hi, my name is Olzhas [ ɔlˈʐəs ]. I’m from Astana, Kazakhstan (UTC+6). I’m a 3rd year Computer Science bachelor student at Nazarbayev University.

I want to upgrade my dev skills, get more working experience in web development and contribute to the global society, but I do not want to enter the widespread traditional corporate and capitalistic environment / organization. That’s why I’ve been searching for a tech cooperative in software development; unfortunately, cooperative movement is extremely limited in Kazakhstan, so I switched to international. It was actually a pleasant surprise to find such a large community of cooperatives as CoTech. I’m still learning about coops, so I’m hoping to find a suitable coop to join, contribute to and learn from.

Professional preferences and Technical experience
My current major interest is in developing advanced web applications and learning the ropes of this through practice, regardless of the tools / frameworks. For now I actively use SvelteKit framework (and built a few simple projects with it) and in the process of learning Ruby on Rails for maintaining degrowth.info as a tech member of the collective. I also interned at hodlkit.io for about a year, working with Django on code optimization, refactoring, CI/CD and other minor tasks.

In general, I’m familiar with:

  • Svelte, SvelteKit, Prisma ORM, Strapi
  • Docker, Gitlab CI/CD
  • HTML, CSS, BootstrapCSS, TailwindCSS
  • PHP (PDO), JavaScript (jQuery, ajax), TypeScript
  • Python (Django), C#, C, C++, Ruby (Ruby on Rails)
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
  • Bash, Github, Gitlab
  • Tilda.ws, Arduino, Prolog and other loosely related things

I’m also perfectly open to learn other frameworks and software :slight_smile:

If I can contribute to your project short, medium or long-term, I’d be happy to do my best!
You can contact me here or by email - olzhas.pub@gmail.com

Thanks for reading, have a nice day!