Junior Developers Skills Sharing Group

Hello everyone,

It was great meeting people at the gathering this weekend.

Would anyone be interested in being involved in setting up a junior developers skills sharing group? This would be for any junior developers in CoTech, those who are interested in learning new skills and people who would like to share knowledge. It would also be nice to make social connections with others around the UK.

Looking forward to hearing back!



Thanks Chantelle! The wiki page for other people to start their own skill sharing group is at https://wiki.coops.tech/wiki/Skill_sharing_groups and if you have any questions you can ask me, Simon

I would be interested in this as someone who’s still quite new to the Dev process!


I’m interested. Here’s a quick intro to me for this context:

I’m John, from Code-Operative in Newcastle.

I’m in my first year of being paid for development work. I didn’t set out to be a javascript developer but that’s what I have become :man_shrugging:. I mostly do react and react native, with mapbox and google maps respectively.

I think I could get a lot better at back-end stuff, as well as deployment/configuration/sys-ops/dev-ops stuff. Also, I keep hearing about elixir and want to sit on the cool kids table!

I don’t know what this group is going to do, but we could share helpful links and stuff? I really like hackernoon for example:

I’d also be up for doing group calls and stuff.

Cool, looking forward to meeting the others!


Yeah I’m definitely up for it, it would be really good to hear what everyone else is using to learn and also help each other out with problems! What do you think is the best way to do this, shall we set up a slack group?


This sounds like a great initiative. My co-op has more senior developers and something we’ve talked about in the past is pairing with junior developers in CoTech as part of a skill exchange. We do a fair amount of infrastructure-type work, some Rails and a bit of client-side / JS. We also do a lot of the non-techy things that developers have to do like managing projects, writing stories etc. etc. We have an office near Waterloo in London. If anyone is interested in spending a bit of time with us, perhaps we can talk about it and arrange something for 2020?


There’s a glimmer of light we could start using something (open-source) internally? Extending CoTech Nextcloud? XMPP/Matrix?


Sorry for slow reply, currently in the highlands of Scotland and haven’t been very proactive in checking! The amount of interest this has generated makes me really happy, and I think we could get a lot out of this.

I guess the next step is how do we communicate? Slack has been mentioned but personally I prefer the idea of open source, especially if the idea of CoTech rocket.chat takes off. I think it would be good to have a form of instant messaging as well as a sub category on the Discourse.

Also, I really like hackernoon too :slight_smile: I like podcasts a lot so any recommendations appreciated. I listen to Developer Tea and CodeNewbie currently.


There is a podcast category here — it would be good to see some more recommendations in threads there :slight_smile: .



Hope everyone is having a great festive period and enjoying the end of 2019. I was thinking early in the new year we could set up a zoom call for everyone to chat, make introductions to each other and maybe talk about our aims as a group.

How does Friday 17th sound? Do people have a preferred date/time instead?


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That date is good for me

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Hello, hope everyones having a great start to 2020!

There wasn’t much response to the suggested date - I could do a doodle poll instead so there are more options?

Otherwise if people are good with it, I was going to suggest 17th Jan @ 5pm for a zoom call for some intros.

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I think getting someone who no longer identifies as a junior developer, but did fairly recently, would be good for the call as well. Some mentorship etc

Yo everyone! What’s up? Did this call go ahead? If not, shall we try scheduling one again?


I’m so sorry I haven’t responded - I’ll be honest I completely forgot about this forum!

I agreed, lets! I’m quite busy this week coming, so would prefer the week after if possible. Is there an easier way to agree a date/time than doodle poll perhaps?

Hope everyone is well!

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Some interesting breakdowns of often ignored parts of development