It's been a year!

So July last year, I first found and joined this forum. I was getting ground down a bit with waves hands at world you know.

Well, in the past year, I have continued to develop and learn and so on, and now I’m back to try and network with all of you wonderful people. :smiley:

For a short summary of the last 12 months: More training, more certifications, project managed a couple of internal projects in the company I work for including a finance system and a system pipeline for the onboarding of Higher Education organisations, facilitated a BA cohort and a cybersecurity course, as well as being a Diversity champion and all of the stuff I do outside of work…

It’s been a mostly fun year. I am now on loan to a social security department, but the job is not as described and it has reminded me of how much I wish I were in a WOC.

How are you all? How has your year been?


I’m ok. The past year has had some of the worst days of my professional life and I’ve felt very low at times. But it’s also had a lot of milestones and joyful moments too.

Currently I’m in the process of simplifying my life so I can do more of the stuff I actually want to do. The coop makes this easier because I can negotiate my responsibilities with the other members. Still challenging to think about with the pandemic still going on.

I am still here. I am a more experienced developer, business person and cooperator. I’m not sure my pre-pandemic self would be happy with where I’m at but he’ll have to live with it.


Oh, I completely understand the feeling low. I have a new therapist I am speaking to.

I feel like simplifying life is something that should be done on a regular basis. I am better at giving the advice to do this than actually doing it myself though. lol

:thinking: It’s interesting to think about ‘what would the me of 18 months ago think of who I am now?’ - I may have to put some thought into that over this weekend.