Is there a cooperative domain registrar?

I’d like to purchase my domains from a coop, instead of a private enterprise like GoDaddy, do any exist?

Keep in mind, I’d like to be able to purchase all suffixs, including .com, not JUST .coop.

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Yes,, but although they are the registry for .coop domains and can be used to purchase any TLD, you can also purchase .coop's from other registrars and don’t own or develop their own technical infrastructure — all their infrastructure is provided by Realtime Register and it is technically not so great…

The co-op I work for, Webarchitects, are Nominet and Jisc members so we are a registrar for .uk,,,,, and domains, however, although we do have a reseller account, we use our Gandi reseller accounts for registration of non-UK domains for clients because Gandi owns, controls and develops their own infrastructure and provides a technically good service.

We run our own DNS servers and for most clients we manage their zone files however for clients who are happy to edit their own Bind zonefiles we offer a GitLab interface via and we plan to soon make this more user friendly through enabling JSON and YAML formats to be used in addition to the Bind format for zonefiles.

I don’t want to put you off from using, we have a good relationship with them and are in regular contact with them but we are planning on closing our reseller account.

We have a strong belief in the importance in owning and controlling the whole stack and in this regard Gandi are closer to us philosophically than despite being a private company and not a co-op.


+1 for registering domains with Web Architects or going to for .coop domains (MUCH better interface and service compared to and about £30/year cheaper too - h/t to Web Architects too - it was via them that I first realised do .coop domains! :slight_smile: )

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