Is Everything You’ve Been Told About Climate Change Wrong?

Is Everything You’ve Been Told About Climate Change Wrong?

Are fossil fuels really the main cause of climate breakdown? Or is there an even bigger driver of environmental collapse? Scientist and Media Director Klaus Mitchell is the founder of Plant Based News and has spoken at COP 27. He has a 25 minute speech planned to reveal what he believes to be a major flaw in climate politics today. He wants to know what we think.

Klaus is joined by Indigo Rumbelow, a prominent ‘troublemaker’ in oil and gas activism. She’s less interested in which industry is most to blame and more interested in what we, as citizens can do to address the drivers of the climate crisis at a systemic level. How can we connect with the magnitude of the problem and comprehend our capacity to change the course of human history?

We will be delving into these questions and more in this SPACE4 discussion. We invite you to engage with these two amazing speakers and these lively debates within climate politics.

This is a SPACE4 discussion event where we invite speakers to discuss and debate topics around tech for good, progressive economics, and left-leaning politics.

Drinks and refreshments provided. We are grateful to be funded by the Disrupt Foundation.

Speaker Bios

Klaus Mitchell is a scientist with a passion for health and nutrition. He holds a BSc in Human Biosciences BSc and an MSc in Genetics of Human Disease. Klaus launched Plant Based News to raise awareness around the health and environmental benefits of a plant-based diet, which now boasts over 3.1 million followers on social media. He is now a published author, a consultant, and a public speaker on issues related to our food systems.

Indigo Rumbelow is a troublemaker and instigator from Swansea. She co-founded Insulate Britain and kickstarted Just Stop Oil, which, just one year on, has 92% name recognition, and the political opposition publicly backing their demand. She has a 45 day suspended prison sentence but won’t stop taking action until she sees a meaningful statement from the Government promising an end to new oil and gas.

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Thanks for sharing Natasha. Super curious to hear more about this, although also slightly suspicious, since JSO is funded by the heiress of a former fossil fuel tycoon J Paul Getty. Hopefully she’s just trying to cleanse her family’s karmic guilt so to speak and not part of some 5D chess controlled opposition malarkey. :joy:

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Hi Peter,

Yep - interesting stuff, and no doubt Indigo would be up for answering questions about it on the night. It’s probably worth noting too that we try to get quite a range of people speaking at SPACE4 events. That doesn’t mean we want to be a place for people to spout any old nonsense or hate, but we also don’t want to only be only preaching to the converted or hosting people who we 100% agree with. It makes for more lively debate if people have some things to disagree on!!

By the way, we’re always interested in getting suggestions and introductions to potential speakers if you have any to send our way!


Hi Peter,

Definitely interesting stuff. Really hope it’s not some 5D chess controlled opposition… :woman_facepalming: :woman_facepalming: Hopefully see you at the event!