Is AI good or bad for the prosperity of coops?

Am curious on what people working in cooperatives think about what’s happening currently in the AI field.


This is worth a read:


I think it is a very interesting topic to unwrap!

Let’s start by getting rid of term AI. Lets call it as it is - Large Language Models(LLMs).
My take here is that LLMs are a tool. And, as any other tool, could be great in particular tasks. But also, as with any other tool, there are ethical and unethical usages of it. In regards of LLMs it is: how you train it and who benefiting from its work. Also who controls those models? Are the rules inside the model are transparent? Are owners of the train data being notified and rewarded for participating? And so on

In my opinion cooperatives can benefit from those tools as much as any other user. It would be great if we could have more of open source, accessible transparent and democratically controlled institutes powerful enough to run really big models for our benefit.

Another side of Big models though is their sustainability. For example ChatGPT resource consumption is enormous.

So I think this returns us to the more broad discussion about the ownership, control and distribution of benefits.

There is a fresh book describing parallels between ladies movement and current Ai work replacement trends. Here is a good interview with the author


I totally rely on ChatGPT for everything and I don’t write any program from scratch anymore!

The only problem is the technology is not good enough yet. We need far more powerful versions of them.

I have zero concern for LLM and others, none at all!