iOS Engineer (Swift) looking for a full-time job

Hi, I’m Arman. I’m an iOS Engineer with 7 years of app development experience. Unfortunately, due to a redundancy wave at my previous company, DICE, I’m out of job and seeking new opportunities. I want to break free from the corporate world and join a team of tech workers dedicated to building some meaningful tech for the good of the community and the future of our society, rather than exclusively for profit.

I’m ethnically Armenian, grew up in Russia. I moved to Germany in 2018 to work with a COBI.Bike startup where I contributed to developing a product for cyclists with several features, including Bluetooth connection with COBI hardware, map navigation, fitness tracking, ride data tracking and integration of that data with Strava and Komoot. Following an acquisition by Bosch eBike, our culture and freedom to experiment, hack, and build things slowly dissolved, which made me want to leave.

In 2020, I relocated to London to work at a music ticketing company called DICE, where I pushed for new technology adoption such as SwiftUI, Combine, Swift Concurrency, SPM modularisation etc. I also contributed to multiple features in the app such as Personalised Event Discovery, Search, Group Planning and more.

I’m now seeking a new role in the UK but will require a work visa. To become a permanent resident in the UK, I need to have lived and worked here for at least five years — a requirement I’ll meet by March 2025 if I manage to find a visa sponsor soon. Not sure if it’s even possible for a coop to be a visa sponsor, but please let me know if that’s the case and you could benefit from a Swift developer in your team.

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