Invitation to Play Group Imitation Game

Hi guys, I’m in the middle of building a tool to let groups send messages to each other as groups, rather than rely on individuals to pass them along. (coop-to-coop communication etc). It’s called spacetube, I’m bringing it to the coops hackathon on Thursday this week.

I’ve devised a game to make it fun to test and to see where the edges are of the experience etc. You’re all invited to play it:

The way the game works you have to imitate either a group or a single individual in conversation with other groups/individuals, and then at the end of the week everyone guesses who was who. Explained a bit more in the link.

Has this kind of thing been done before? Remind you of anything? I’m very interested in any prior art


Nice! Great to see the Turing Test idea was a good one :slight_smile:

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Yes, it was very helpful, I was just about to email you to thank you for the idea

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