Introductions? (Starter for 10)


Not breaking any molds there @toml !


Heh I’m not here by accident @harry :slight_smile:


Hi Tom, Hi James :slight_smile:

Nice to meet you.

And thanks Chris for resolution of issue #102 - appreciated.



Jana here from Small Axe. Nice to meet you all!


Hey Jana, nice to have you here. @everyone - Jana is going to be the CoTech rep in The Small Axe now that Dan’s left. Small Axe are a super cool communications/people mobilisation agency who worked with us on!/


Welcome. Hope to meet you soon.


Hey folks. I’m a Dave.

I’m in the earliest stages of setting up a tech for good social enterprise, aiming to federate community currencies for intertradeability. This will be built on co-operative principles, both on the organisational level and on the operational level.

More broadly, I’m interested in projects and approaches which boost democracy and community resilience, especially anything with the potential to give the ‘big corporates’ a bloody nose. The more big picture and unconventional, the more more I’m likely to get interested.

My big need at the moment is funding. I need to get the money in to get the project off the ground, probably via some combination of impact investment and venture philanthropy from non-institutional sources. Any thoughts and tips very gratefully received.


Hi all - I’m James Moulding, only just discovered this forum!

Bit of a background from me - I work as a project manager with Digital Liberties, a coop focused on developing games for social change and participatory design. I founded Games for the Many last year, Labour’s unofficial games unit, through which we made Corbyn Run for last years general election.

I do a lot of work around bringing tech and political groups together. I’m currently running Campaign Lab to try and get the Labour Party to take retrospective election analysis seriously, helping to bring together Radical Engineers, and setting up a new coop, Common Knowledge, focused on improving the amount of autonomous activity going on in left political movements and overhauling how their members interact and are onboarded into those groups.

I’m also a Fellow of Newspeak House and the Royal Society of the Arts - come and say hi!


Hi Dave, welcome to the CoTech community.

I think one thing to be clear about is that co-operative principles are not compatible with many (most?) forms of social enterprise and impact investment.

One of the key principles of co-operatives is democracy in the sense of one person one vote, rather than one dollar one vote. In my experiences impact investors don’t agree with that :slight_smile:

There are forms of co-operative where some members are ‘investor’ members by virtue of the fact they’ve invested capital, but their control over the organisation can’t be in proportion to their investment.


Hey James, good to have you here at last - especially as we’ve been in orbit for so long! Would be great to get CoTech (and this community generally) more involved with Campaign Lab and similar initiatives.


Hi Everyone,

Thanks to Graham Mitchell for the introduction to CoTech!

I’d like to introduce the project to create a community benefit society for south London. We are calling it Technology and Provident Society (working title) and the object is to build community wealth in South London.

One of the activities will be incubating and investing in technology business, hence the interest in being connected with the coop tech community.

Please get in touch to tell us what you think or get involved, and if you can, please express your views in our consultation. If you live in Richmond, Kingston, Merton, Sutton or Croydon, take the survey



Hello DaveHC, This sounds like a good idea. Edge Fund seems to be the (?)only funder of campaigning groups in UK, perhaps worth a look. Depending on the proposed focus, it might consider a funding request?


Hi again @DaveHC - here’s a link to some work done by Matthew Slater on what looks to be - on the face of it - similar to the thing your are proposing:

I sat in on an interesting talk with Matthew and Arthur Brock from Holochain/Metacurrency at the excellent Open 2018 conference in London on Friday where Matthew mentioned the credit commons project.

In terms of funding you might be interested in Purpose Ventures ( who aren’t interested in taking a voting position. They have invested in Sharetribe and OpenCollective (which aren’t co-ops, but names you might be aware of). I don’t know the detail of their offer, but it might be compatible with a cooperative structure, or the FairShares approach that Harry is referring to.


Hello all, I’m Elliot. I recently started (within the last month) working at Aptivate ( To quote our website, we do “accessible web and mobile software for NGOs and development agencies”. Being a member of a co-op is a new thing for me, and it’s been great so far.

My background is as a software engineer, mostly back-end web. I am mostly coding in Python now, but have also worked with Ruby, JavaScript, PHP, Java etc., been a technical writer, and worked as an open source evangelist. I’m more generally interested in natural language processing, artificial intelligence, open source and open data.

I live in south Birmingham, UK.


Thanks for the tips, guys. I’ll be looking into these over the next few days.


Whilst that is broadly correct, it is also perfectly possible to register as a (multi-stakeholder) co-operative (or community benefit) society and to raise risk capital by issuing withdrawable shares, and in some cases these investments can attract various forms of tax relief too, see links I just shared here:


Hi @townxelliot , glad to hear you are in south brum. Can you make this South Brum co-op meetup?

Would be good to meet!


Hi everyone! I’m new here and am just reading through some of the introductions on this thread. My name is Ale, short for Alejandro and pronounced Alley maybe (other attempts accepted). I’m just moving back to the UK due to the brexit. I have to sort everything out before the cutoff date as I’m an italian and chilean national.

I’m working with Faircoop at the moment - I’m involved with the faircoin and odoo based marketplace Fairmarket and a few with other commissions and projects related to this coop. But I’m looking for other projects, especially if based in or near Glasgow into regenerating, relocalising, decentralised-ish collaborative work, cooperativism and self management, not least those working in alternative economies like local currency projects.

Work-wise I’m looking for web development mostly but also anything vaguely cooperative! Together with other web workers involved in faircoop, we’ve just created a freedom coop based project to allow us to work as an autonomous coop of tech workers of which here is the first brand new draft of a holding page:

Chat soon and if anyone is around glasgow from the 24th onwards I’d love to meet up for a drink and chat!



Hola po Ale :smiley: nice to see someone from Faircoop here, Harry and I met Guy in June and reaaaally like the sound of what you’re doing and what you’re about.

(I’m a Chilean national too btw hence the po…hope the paperwork is going ok, my husband and I are going through it too)


ps have you get in touch with anyone from Media Coop? we know @Louise and some others. They’re amazing and based in Glasgow