Introducing Uconomy

Hello everyone, my name is Kofoworola Awojobi. I hope we’re all staying safe. With a background in medicine (in Lagos, Nigeria), I began solving for ways my patients could more readily bear costly medical bills. And, soon enough I invented Uconomy: a user-modulated, best bargains economy.

My goal is for Uconomy to become a UK co-op technology company and to this end I’d like to ask for your guidance here. Becoming a CoTech member eventually, would be the natural next step - and a joy.

I can’t wait to share Uconomy’s solutions - read the Proof of Concept here - and I also hope to collaborate with as many folks here, as are willing.

Do let me know what you think.


Welcome to the forum @surgeon.

In terms of establishing a co-operative in the UK I think this guide is one of the best places to start:

Simply Legal is a guide with all you need to know about legal forms and organisational types for co‑operatives and community owned enterprises.

Thanks @chris. I dived into the resource Simply Legal you suggested - indeed very useful and detailed. I already imagine the specific form our intended co-op will look like. A multi-stakeholder co-operative is, for example, the type of co-op that best suits our offering.

What specific next steps do we take in order to attain UK incorporation?

As far as I’m aware there are three sets of model rules for multi-stakeholder co-ops in the UK:

I only have experience of the Somerset ones, picking the set you like best and contacting the organisation who wrote them for advice and assistance would be my suggestion.

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I appreciate your help @chris - thank you.

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Hello @surgeon, as @chris suggested there are ready available multistakeholder model rules available. You could also look into taking advice from the Hive, probably Pathway 1.

This Mondragon&Platform Coooperativism Consortium initiative could also turn out helpful.

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Yes the Hive. Pathway 1 would be the way to go (new start-up coop). I linked-up to the Hive through the Simply Legal site @chris pointed. Thanks so very much @SzczepanOfAnimorph. You guys are super-supportive :heart_decoration: