Intro from Alex Hartley of several coops

Hi, I am a tech supporter and enthusiast rather than practitioner. Well, that is not totally true years ago I have worked on IT projects but in a soft role.

I am a cooperator and cofounded Selce, South East London Community Energy( Selce) a community energy co-op tackling the twin social justice issues of climate change and fuel poverty. I am also a voluntary Director of Gcda, originally Greenwich Cooperative Development Agency who do food, health, social business and training projects, not enough co-op development though, Coops London-a network for co-op in London funnily enough and Crew Energy- a voluntary Director and Associate worker. I am also looking at setting up a wait for it… a platform worker coop for freelancers similar to myself who work in the social business and sustainability space. I come across too many of us trying to help the planet and people but isolated and carrying the can for stuff that would be so much easier if the load was shared with fellow workers. I am pretty much always keen to be a sounding board or give intros if of any use any time and just want to get more of a picture of the tech co-op action going on so may semi-lurk. I am pretty active on Twitter and LinkedIn so reach out if I can be of any use. Just not to do with any techie question… I have an inkling too that all the orgs I am invovled in could be much more saggy about supporting tech co-ops plus using apps and tools so much better i.e. stop flirting with Loomio and get it more embedded, same with sociocracy etc Alex. Hopefully I can receive as well as maybe give information and inspiration. I am of them them bridge people; I may not have the knowhow on anything tech wise but can appreciate it and hopefully find someone who doesn’t know yet they need it and needs in.

Why am I here (apart from the platform coop idea I have been having for over 2years and not got round to doing anything about. Yet)? Well, I might be useful in someway while I learn, I might find a tech co-op or 2 to help on issues that need solving regarding data or app ideas I see far too regularly and have a vague suspicious there is a tech solution but I don’t have enough understanding of what could be done. Though a novice to understanding what you people do I see the impact it can have is pretty exciting, so here I am! Also, more and more of our lives are tech related and not being aware of that as someone interested in cooperation and social justice issues is very short sighted. I have generic skills of facilitation, training, marketing, business development, project concepts, setting up mutually beneficial partnerships and am a bit of a fuel poverty, renewables/ energy efficiency/ sustainability/ greener living geek. I also have too many ideas on a daily basis and they would get stale if I am not always learning about something. @AlexHartEco LinkedIn-Alex Hartley. So hello there CoTech!


Hello and welcome. It seems the first thing we could need may be a register of interest: of everybody engaged in trying to do the right thing for the planet and people and what they offer or what they are looking for: skills, funds, time available, projects, ideas, problems to solve, help to obtain, knowlegde to share… so we can find each other