International movements to emulate, inspire and collaborate with

There are an increasing number of groups around the world doing similar stuff - we should co-operate with at least some of them


Italy has which is part of

France has which is a lot like CoTech, but with more of an emphasis on individuals than agencies.

Belgium and others have but it’s not a co-op is international but largely NZ here in UK

There must be lots more we can borrow from. @jdaviescoates ?

Of the above I think Doc Servizi and Happy Dev offer the most obvious inspiration for how our federated structure could work, and be presented to the outside world.


Have you come across ProgCode? 300 active monthly members, mostly devs, at a weird moment as they try to figure out how to fulfill their potential.



I would like to add our initiative to that list.

The permaculture collaborative laboratory:

We are organising ourselves along sociocracy lines. We just founded a Digtal Circle who will look at potentially moving us from the technologies we are using (see: to ones that more ethically align with permaculture and can work for our project.

A colleague of mine has started to do some scoping work and I have pointed out this community!

Federated structure sounds good…

Looking forward to engaging.

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