[In Spanish] Online conversations about Technology and Parenting

For those of you who speak Spanish, I’m organizing an activity with Medialab Madrid for tomorrow. It is online, it’ll be recorded and I hope it will be very interesting! If you can spread the word, much appreciated. If this sounds interesting for you but you don’t speak Spanish, we can organize one in English. Thanks!

[In Spanish] Online conversations about Technology and Parenting - Medialab Prado
What can we, as carers, bring to the world of technology? What does technology offer us as women, as people and as carers? How does a job in technology allow us to be freer to choose if we want to breed and how we want to do it?
The world of technology is increasingly diverse and all voices are needed. In this activity, we will think about what technology and parenting can contribute to each other.
The activity is online and is led by Paula Mesa Macías. It will be recorded and the registered people will be able to access the recording later. You can register at the following link: https://www.medialab-prado.es/actividades/line-conversaciones-sobre-tecnologia-y-crianza