In case anyone else has Loomio login woes

In case anyone else has problems like this with Loomio — I couldn’t use Loomio as all I got was a login prompt, I hadn’t changed my password, but it didn’t work, I tried a password reset but that didn’t work, I was prompted to login but as you can see from the notification icon in the top right of the screenshot below I was already logged in, but every page asked me to login…


The answer was to delete all 11 of the cookies stored in my web browser and login again, using my original password… :roll_eyes:

I have a different Loomio login woe. I login using my Google Apps account, but unless I logout from every other Google account I have first it gets stuck in an infinite redirect loop. So now to sign into Loomio I first have to sign out of Google, then sign back in again just to my main account, then sign into Loomio. A bit annoying.

Have you tried using Firefox Containers? Create a Loomio container and a Google container and then use those for the services – they won’t share cookies (assuming the issue is related to cookies).

You need to have a recent version of Firefox and then enable these add ons (the second two are optional but make life easier):

No, I haven’t. Didn’t even know about them! May check this out if the problem persists and annoys me enough…

News to me also. Looks really useful. I currently use multiple browsers to get round these sorts of issues.