Impact Box Cooperative would like to join CoTech (Please vote before Sept 16)

Hi All,

Impact Box Cooperative are looking to join Cotech! A Loomio poll has been set up, voting will expire at 17:00, Sept 16th 2022.

A bit about Impact Box, m
Impact_Box_-_Articles_of_Association.pdf (211.8 KB)
ember Desa Markovic describes their co-op below.

"We’re a small, worker-led cooperative that partners with charities and social enterprises to provide software solutions and training to help address the day-to-day challenges they face. Our overarching goal is to bring about a sector that is more impactful, efficient and data-informed, and help social purpose organisations increase their impact by giving them the tools, training and knowledge they need.

We work predominantly - but not exclusively - with the Salesforce platform, and deliver both one-off projects with clients, where we work to tackle a specific issue or need, as well as ongoing support work aimed at helping clients to continue their learning and get the most out of their CRM.

Our team works remotely from various locations across the UK, and meet in person on a monthly basis. At the moment all of our full-time employees are both Members and Directors, with equal voting rights, and any future employees will be offered the option of membership.

While as a team we’ve been working within the tech for good space for over 6 years, we’ve only recently made the switch to working as a cooperative. As a result we’re still learning the ropes and are very keen to connect with other cooperatives working in a similar space. CoTech’s emphasis on sharing knowledge and skills to increase impact also seems a perfect fit with our own values, and we would be excited to collaborate with other members of the network, and share the knowledge and skills we’ve built over the past half decade."

- Desa Markovic, Impact Box Cooperative

New applications to join CoTech are a member vote as per the constitution so I’ll start a vote on this thread.

You can view their articles of association in the attached PDF.

Vote here!


Hi, great to see more coops joining.

We are not invited to vote in any of the Loomio polls - if there is a default list could be added - already have the Loomio account.


I sent you an invitation to the group to that address.

Excited to say that Impact Box Cooperative are now members! :tada: