I'm starting a podcast for Internet Of Ownership interviewing projects in the IoO directory - Want to interview CoTech


I’m starting a podcast where I interview projects that are in the IoO directory.

CoTech is there, and I would love to interview some person/people involved. IoO also includes Web Architects coop, which I would like to interview as well. I also submitted Outlandish as a project to the IoO, and it got accepted, would love to interview people from Outlandish too.

If there are people involved in other projects that are in IoO, I would like to interview you. If you’re involved in a project that should be added to the IoO directory, you can submit the project to the IoO or message me and I’m happy to do it.

I would also like to crowdsource questions from the platform coop circles, and currently think of using Social Coop Mastodon instance and Loomio group, but if there’s other channels where I could approach people for questions let me know.


I’d be happy to talk to you about Webarchitects, how are you planning on doing these interviews technically – we could probably get better sound quality face-to-face, where are you based?


Thanks! I’m based in Helsinki, Finland. I do visit Belfast every other month.


Ah, well it’ll have to be a remote interview then! Shall we follow this up via a private thread so it isn’t too noisy for others?


Would also like to interview people from Outlandish who were involved with the absolutely brilliant School Cuts website or who would be happy to talk about it alongside other issues related to Outlandish. Could @harry help?