I'm in London for 10 days, wanna hang out?

I’m in London for 10 days, from tomorrow, and looking for a few things to make my time more exciting :slight_smile:

So, in the spirit of my UK co-op tour (almost 4 years ago!), I put an open call here!

Here’s some of my interests:

  • doing a talk/event … or just having a chat about…
    • karrot is the software I work on, community developed, open source, and is for local community organising, I prefer the community-side to it, how to engage people to self-organise and do cool stuff… (the other side is the tech part, python/django/vue/etc…), we do community design processes, have trust-network permissions system, democratic conflict resolution feature, without much money :slight_smile:
    • foodsharing is an open source tech project I put a lot of :heart: and :clock1: into - modernizing a legacy php application, building developer community, “a bunch of stray cats” style co-ordinating, utopian visions, … also without much money (a theme here you see…)
    • non-corporate social media: I’ve been putting a little bit of effort trying to get a local mastodon instance going in Bath (https://bath.social), but would be really cool if there was a UK-wide movement doing this, so the federated aspect made sense, and people feel more like local mastodon instances are A Thing … interested? I can share my experiences… and learn from you… join forces? (I also have been quite involved in running social.coop, a co-operative mastodon instance, which has it’s own stories)
    • homelessness/precarity narratives, I’m in early stages of doing a “voices from margins” kind of project in Bath, where we aim to reframe some of the narratives around homelessness through giving voice to them, it’s mostly “social” focused, but a smattering of tech probably too… a bit emergent still for now…
  • co-working time - I’ll be coding a bunch of the time on karrot and maybe you have a spare desk I can crash for a bit, additionally maybe you want to come to E17 and co-work with me in the house I’ll be in…
  • events to go to - anything cool going on I should check out? I like the intersection of social, environmental, and tech topics… particularly with a self-organised autonomous community vibe…

Happy for any connections from people I already know or new people if any of that resonates :slight_smile:



You are of course welcome in Outlandish/Space 4, come work with us whenever you can! Based on that wondrous list of projects, I also have a potential THING I would love you to be around for. It is on the 30th June and doesn’t have to be in person. We can talk about it when you come into the office to see if the stars might align further?

Let us know when you can make it in to the office XXX

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Hey @Abi, thanks! :heart: How about Monday in the office?

Hey Nick, I don’t work Mondays and not sure who will be in, I will be in the office Tues/Wed/Thurs though if any of those work (and that’s when more people tend to be in).

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I think Tuesday it is then, around 10am I’d aim for if that suits? :smiley:

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Hi Nick, :smiley:

If you would like to visit the London Hackspace, give me a shout. :smiley:

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Come round to the office tomorrow @nick it would be splendid to see you!
PS. Got your charger still ^_-

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