Identifying members of CoTech coops?

I think it would be useful and nice (!) to be able to identify people on these forums as members of coops that belong to CoTech. :smile:

I don’t know much at all about Discourse and I have no desire to create lots of extra admin effort, but I wonder whether we could introduce something like a CoTech badge along these lines…?

What do people think?

This seems to already be active, notice you have a little cotech logo in the corner of your profile image, and I have one from


It was implemented in April, see this thread:

It has been implemented using groups rather than badges, see this post:

The Members list is here, please let me know on the thread above if anyone is missing, I have been trying to add members email domains plus individuals when I notice they are missing.

See this thread for more on the Sisters group that @nick mentioned above:


Oh, brilliant! I hadn’t noticed that - sorry for the noise and thank you for implementing it!


The flair images (CoTech or coops logo) which should be overlaid on users profile avatars when they are CoTech members of members of the Sister Co-operatives groups appears to have stopped working for some people but not others, which is odd, for example Michael and John have them but I don’t and neither does Colm, in fact Michael is the only member who does, I probably need to check the forum to see if other people have had this issue — I’m posting this here to remind myself to do this.

I found the answer in this thread and have fixed the issue by ticking “Automatically set as primary group” on the membership settings page for the CoTech group.

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