ICYMI: Doteveryone £500 grants for 'fairer tech events'


May be of interest to some people here, even for Wortley Hall potentially?


Planning session for Wortley Hall weekend - please fill Doodle

Note that “Entries close on Monday the 27th of October.” and this is tomorrow so if someone has an idea best get it in ASAP!


Oh yeah - thanks Chris, missed that!

Hopefully they mean the Monday 30th (since tomorrow is Friday…), will ask



just checked their Twitter - it is tomorrow Friday 27th that they mean


Hi, I will do this now.



Hi Felix,

Thanks so much for your application to Doteveryone’s £500 Grants for Fairer
Tech Events

We received a number of very strong submissions so it’s been tough to make
a call but unfortunately your event has not been successful this time
around. The winners of this round will be announced on Twitter
https://twitter.com/ and Medium https://medium.com/doteveryone very

Wishing you the very best for your event and thanks again for your

Irit Pollak


That’s a shame but thanks very much for applying, Felix.

Cheers, Chris